Interface RestSpaceManager

    • Method Detail

      • getSpaceEntity

        SpaceEntity getSpaceEntity​(String spaceKey,
                                   boolean expand)
        Gets the SpaceEntity for the given spaceKey and expands it if necessary.

        It is responsible for doing any permission checking and conversion from Confluence's Space to a SpaceEntity.

        null is returned, if the current user is not permitted to view the space.

        spaceKey - the space key of the space to retrieve
        expand - whether to expand the space entity
      • getSpaceEntityList

        SpaceEntityList getSpaceEntityList​(SpaceEntityListContext ctx)
        Gets the SpaceEntityList for the given SpaceEntityListContext.

        It is up to the implementation to decide on default behaviour when values for in the context are not specified. The context passed in however, must not be null.

        ctx - the context for which the space entity list is retrieved in
      • expand

        SpaceEntity expand​(SpaceEntity spaceEntity)
        Expands and returns the given SpaceEntity.
        spaceEntity - the space entity to expand
        the expanded space entity