Class AbstractUserProfileAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractUserProfileAction

        public AbstractUserProfileAction()
    • Method Detail

      • getFullName

        public Object getFullName()
      • getEmail

        public Object getEmail()
      • getUserPreferences

        protected com.atlassian.core.user.preferences.UserPreferences getUserPreferences()
      • getPersonalInformation

        public String getPersonalInformation()
      • setPersonalInformation

        public void setPersonalInformation​(String personalInformation)
      • getUsername

        public String getUsername()
      • isMyProfile

        public boolean isMyProfile()
        true if the current user is logged in viewing their own profile
      • getAttachments

        public List getAttachments()
      • setAttachmentManager

        public final void setAttachmentManager​(AttachmentManager attachmentManager)
      • setNotificationManager

        public final void setNotificationManager​(NotificationManager notificationManager)
      • setPersonalInformationManager

        public final void setPersonalInformationManager​(PersonalInformationManager personalInformationManager)
      • setSpaceManager

        public final void setSpaceManager​(SpaceManager spaceManager)
      • getPersonalSpaceKey

        protected String getPersonalSpaceKey​(com.atlassian.user.User user)
      • getPageTitle

        public String getPageTitle()
      • isHasAboutMe

        public boolean isHasAboutMe()
      • getRenderedAboutMe

        public Object getRenderedAboutMe()
      • getUserProperty

        public Object getUserProperty​(String key)
      • setUserDetailsManager

        public final void setUserDetailsManager​(UserDetailsManager userDetailsManager)
      • setWikiStyleRenderer

        public final void setWikiStyleRenderer​(com.atlassian.renderer.WikiStyleRenderer wikiStyleRenderer)
      • setFavouriteManager

        public final void setFavouriteManager​(FavouriteManager favouriteManager)
      • setStatusTextRenderer

        public void setStatusTextRenderer​(StatusTextRenderer statusTextRenderer)
      • isFavourite

        public boolean isFavourite()
      • hasPersonalSpace

        public boolean hasPersonalSpace()
      • currentUserHasLicensedAccess

        public boolean currentUserHasLicensedAccess()
      • isUserRequired

        public final boolean isUserRequired()
        Description copied from interface: UserAware
        If the action requires that the user be set before being run, then it should return true to this method. If the action requires a user, but no user is available, then the interceptor will automatically redirect to the 'notfound' result
        Specified by:
        isUserRequired in interface UserAware
        true if the action requires a page in order to execute
      • isViewPermissionRequired

        public final boolean isViewPermissionRequired()
        Specified by:
        isViewPermissionRequired in interface UserAware
        true if the action requires a check on com.atlassian.confluence.user.actions.UserAwareInterceptor.VIEW_USER_PROFILE_PERMISSION