Class DefaultCounter

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    public class DefaultCounter
    extends Object
    implements Counter
    Default implementation of a counter stores its data in bandana by a supplied key.

    This implementation is not thread safe as the impact of using an outdated counter value, or over-updating the counter is non-terminal.

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultCounter

        public DefaultCounter​(String key,
                              com.atlassian.bandana.BandanaManager bandanaManager,
                              TenantRegistry tenantRegistry)
    • Method Detail

      • getCounter

        public int getCounter()
        Description copied from interface: Counter
        Get the resource counter
        Specified by:
        getCounter in interface Counter
      • updateCounter

        public void updateCounter()
        Description copied from interface: Counter
        Update the resource counter
        Specified by:
        updateCounter in interface Counter