Class WysiwygConverterAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • WysiwygConverterAction

        public WysiwygConverterAction()
    • Method Detail

      • convertWikiMarkupToXHtmlWithoutPageWithSpaceKey

        public String convertWikiMarkupToXHtmlWithoutPageWithSpaceKey()
        Converts wiki markup text into XHTML, using the page context of the content object specified by the id. The spaceKey is used to define the page context.
        converted XHTML
      • convertXHtmlToWikiMarkupWithoutPage

        public String convertXHtmlToWikiMarkupWithoutPage()
        Converts XHTML into wiki markup, without using page context
        converted wiki markup
      • setWikiMarkup

        public void setWikiMarkup​(String wikiMarkup)
      • setPageId

        public void setPageId​(String pageId)
      • setSpaceKey

        public void setSpaceKey​(String spaceKey)
      • setXhtml

        public void setXhtml​(String xhtml)
      • setConfluenceWysiwygConverter

        public void setConfluenceWysiwygConverter​(ConfluenceWysiwygConverter confluenceWysiwygConverter)