Class AlternativePagesLocator

  • public class AlternativePagesLocator
    extends Object
    Finds possible content matches for a supplied title and space.

    Alternatives are found in the following fashion: 1. If a page with the title and space has been trashed. 2a. If a page had the title in the given space it may have been renamed. 2b. If a page had or has the title in another space it may have been moved. 2c. If a page in the same space has a similar name the user may have mistyped it.

    If the page is found in the trash no further searching is done.

    • Method Detail

      • hasAlternatives

        public boolean hasAlternatives()
        Returns true if at least one alternative page can be found for the supplied title.
      • foundInTrash

        public boolean foundInTrash()
      • getPossiblesInTrash

        public List<AbstractPage> getPossiblesInTrash()
        Returns any pages in Trash with the given space and title.
      • getPagesInOtherSpaces

        public List<AbstractPage> getPagesInOtherSpaces()
        Returns pages in other spaces that have or had the required title the page may have been moved and potentially renamed.

        Note that many pages may have the same title in different spaces, e.g. "Home".

      • getBlogsInOtherSpaces

        public List<AbstractPage> getBlogsInOtherSpaces()
        Returns blog posts in other spaces that have or had the required title. This should find blogs that have been moved, and possibly renamed after that as well.
      • getRenamedPagesInSpace

        public List<AbstractPage> getRenamedPagesInSpace()
        Returns pages in the space that had the required title but have been renamed.
      • getPagesWithSimilarTitleInSpace

        public List<AbstractPage> getPagesWithSimilarTitleInSpace()
        Returns pages in the space that have similar titles to the one requested.