Interface ContentEntityObjectDaoInternal<T extends ContentEntityObject>

    • Method Detail

      • findContentBySpaceIdAndStatusAndFilter

        default PageResponse<SpaceContentEntityObject> findContentBySpaceIdAndStatusAndFilter​(long spaceId,
                                                                                              String status,
                                                                                              LimitedRequest limitedRequest,
                                                                                              Predicate<? super SpaceContentEntityObject> predicate)
        Retrieve content for a given space with a particular status. Results will be sorted by descending date of last modification.
        spaceId - the id of the space
        status - the status of the content being retrieved (e.g. ContentEntityObject.DELETED
        limitedRequest - - the start and offset of the pages to retrieve
        predicate - - a predicate to filter the returned results by
        a PageResponse of ContentEntityObjects in the space with the given status
      • getTrashedEntities

        List<SpaceContentEntityObject> getTrashedEntities​(long contentIdOffset,
                                                          int limit)
        Retrieve a batch of trashed content entities
        contentIdOffset - ids of returned entities must be greater than or equal to this value
        limit - maximum number of entities to return
      • saveRawWithoutReindex

        void saveRawWithoutReindex​(com.atlassian.core.bean.EntityObject objectToSave)

        This is for internal use only, Do not rely on it as a public API.

        Perform a saveRaw but without performing the re-index; it is unnecessary in the context of a migration or upgrade.