Class AttachmentFileStoreFactory

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      • AttachmentFileStoreFactory

        public AttachmentFileStoreFactory()
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      • getInstance

        public static AttachmentDataFileSystem getInstance​(AttachmentDataStorageLocationResolver rootDirV003,
                                                           AttachmentDataStorageLocationResolver rootDirV004,
                                                           DeferredFileDeletionQueue deferredFileDeletionQueue,
                                                           com.atlassian.config.ApplicationConfiguration appConfig,
                                                           com.atlassian.sal.api.features.DarkFeatureManager salDarkFeatureManager)
        Produces instance of AttachmentDataFileSystem based on the defined properties. Object storage type will be produced if there are sufficient details to configure it, otherwise it Filesystem type is returned.
        rootDirV003 - - root directory path resolver for attachments version 003
        rootDirV004 - - root directory path resolver for attachments version 004
        deferredFileDeletionQueue -
        appConfig - application configuration
        new instance of underlying attachment storage