Class SingleDependencyGenericExporter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Exporter, Subscriber

    public class SingleDependencyGenericExporter
    extends Object
    implements Exporter, Subscriber
    Generic data exporter depends on another single entity type. That means that it can handle notifications from that entity and export its own records. For example, SpacePermissions entity type depends on Space entity type only. When the space is exported, this generic data exporter for SpacePermissions can export all permissions related to the export. This algorithm does not work for notification because notifications have references to a few other entity types, so notifications have to have their own custom data exporter. Note that simple entities (like users, labels etc) are ignored because they are dependant on other entities and they should not trigger export of other entities. Like, the user object will be exported if it is referenced, but no other entities monitor exporting users.