Class ContentEntityDatabaseDataExporter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Exporter, Subscriber

    public class ContentEntityDatabaseDataExporter
    extends Object
    implements Exporter, Subscriber
    Responsible for exporting all content entitity objects. It starts with the current versions first and then continues with historical versions.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentEntityDatabaseDataExporter

        public ContentEntityDatabaseDataExporter​(DatabaseExporterHelper databaseExporterHelper,
                                                 boolean keepCollectionsForContentProperties,
                                                 ContentPropertyDataExporter contentPropertyDataExporter,
                                                 Converter databaseDataConverter)
        Creates an instance of content entity exporter.
        databaseExporterHelper - just helper containing set of useful functions allowing to retrieve data from the DB.
        keepCollectionsForContentProperties - set to true when it has to generate data in legacy format (with a collection of references to Content Properties).
        contentPropertyDataExporter - reference to content property exporter (used for legacy format only)
    • Method Detail

      • getEntityInfo

        public ExportableEntityInfo getEntityInfo()
        Description copied from interface: Exporter
        Returns default entity info for persister. Will fail if the persister has to work with multiple hibernate entitites.
        Specified by:
        getEntityInfo in interface Exporter
      • onMonitoredObjectsExport

        public void onMonitoredObjectsExport​(Class<?> exportedClass,
                                             Collection<Object> idList)
        Description copied from interface: Subscriber
        It is called when the collection of objects was exported. This is called only for objects that this class is watching. See getWatchingEntityClasses()
        Specified by:
        onMonitoredObjectsExport in interface Subscriber
        exportedClass - the exported class
        idList - the list of ids of exported objects