Class DiffInlineTaskMarshaller

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    public class DiffInlineTaskMarshaller
    extends Object
    implements Marshaller<InlineTaskList>
    This DiffInlineTaskMarshaller outputs inline task lists in a diffable way:
    • As little whitespace/CRs as possible, because it disturbs the diff,
    • DaisyDiff doesn't diffs lists properly when they contain multiple spans, and it puts spans outside the LI and inside the UL, which doesn't produce a workable output. Thus, we don't use UL and LI.
    • Use <inline-task-list-ul/> in place of UL. Keeps the css class on it so that it presents nicely when diff-cleanup.xsl transforms it back to UL.
    • Use <inline-task-list-li/> in lieu of LI. No task ID on it, as the diff purpose isn't to compare task ids.
    • Use <inline-task-check-marker class="inline-task [checked]">&nbsp;</inline-task-check-marker> for the tick, so that it can be compared separately