Class VersionHistory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    NotExportable, Cloneable

    public class VersionHistory
    extends com.atlassian.core.bean.EntityObject
    implements NotExportable
    A record of an upgrade performed on Confluence. The most recent VersionHistory object will tell us what version the database has been upgraded to.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VersionHistory

        public VersionHistory()
      • VersionHistory

        public VersionHistory​(int buildNumber,
                              Date installationDate)
      • VersionHistory

        public VersionHistory​(int buildNumber,
                              Date installationDate,
                              String versionTag)
    • Method Detail

      • getBuildNumber

        public int getBuildNumber()
      • isFinalized

        public boolean isFinalized()
      • setBuildNumber

        public void setBuildNumber​(int buildNumber)
      • getInstallationDate

        public Date getInstallationDate()
      • setFinalized

        public void setFinalized​(boolean finalized)
      • setInstallationDate

        public void setInstallationDate​(Date installationDate)
      • getVersionTag

        public String getVersionTag()
      • setVersionTag

        public void setVersionTag​(String versionTag)