Interface Hierarchical<T>

  • All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface Hierarchical<T>
    Please do not use this interface. In its current form it is so tightly coupled with Page that it can't be implemented by any other class, and is therefore useless.
    • Method Detail

      • isRootLevel

        boolean isRootLevel()
      • getParent

        T getParent()
      • setParent

        void setParent​(T parent)
      • getChildren

        List<T> getChildren()
      • hasChildren

        boolean hasChildren()
      • setChildren

        void setChildren​(List<T> children)
      • addChild

        void addChild​(T child)
      • removeChild

        void removeChild​(T child)
      • getAncestors

        List<T> getAncestors()