Interface ExceptionTolerantMigrator

    • Method Detail

      • migrate

        String migrate​(String input,
                       com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext renderContext,
                       List<RuntimeException> exceptions)

        Migrate the supplied text to a different text format.

        It should be noted that if the exceptions parameter is populated during execution then you cannot necessarily guarantee that the returned content is of a format you expect to deal with. You must check the implementation of this interface for details on the exception behaviour with respect to the return value.

        input - the String to be migrated
        renderContext - the context for the rendering during this migration
        exceptions - a List to add any migration exceptions too as they occur (this may be null if you don't care about exceptions)
        the converted version of the supplied input text in the case of no exceptions reported (in the exceptions parameters list). Should exceptions have occurred then you must consult the implementation to learn what will be returned.