Class HtmlExportHrefEvaluator

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    public class HtmlExportHrefEvaluator
    extends Object
    implements HrefEvaluator
    An HrefEvaluator that will generate links appropriate for HTML exported content. This means that should a link be to a page included in the export then it will become a file system link. Otherwise it will become a link to the server i.e. will include the server's baseUrl.
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      • HtmlExportHrefEvaluator

        public HtmlExportHrefEvaluator​(HrefEvaluator defaultHrefEvaluator,
                                       HrefEvaluator absoluteHrefEvaluator)
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      • createHref

        public String createHref​(ConversionContext context,
                                 Object entity,
                                 String anchor)
        Attachments and Pages may well exist in the export so look for them as a special case. All other entity types will have hrefs created using the defaultHrefEvaluator. WebLinks may be server relative - relative links will need to become absolute URLs in the export.

        Note that while comment may also exist in the export, Confluence does not have a comment link type so there is no handling for comments. If this changes in the future then we need to add additional handling here.

        Specified by:
        createHref in interface HrefEvaluator
        context - the ConversionContext providing information about the conversion being performed, including the target output type e.g. display, pdf
        entity - the object
        anchor - an option parameter specifying an anchor component for the href attribute. This may be null if there is no destination anchor.
        the attribute value appropriate for the outputType specified.