Interface ConfluenceCache<K,​V>

  • All Superinterfaces:
    com.atlassian.cache.Cache<K,​V>, com.atlassian.cache.ManagedCache
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    ConfluenceMonitoringCache, DefaultConfluenceCache, DeferredOperationsCache

    public interface ConfluenceCache<K,​V>
    extends com.atlassian.cache.Cache<K,​V>, com.atlassian.cache.ManagedCache
    Base cache interface for all caches in confluence. It combines the Cache, ManagedCache and ConfiguarableCache interfaces in a single place, allowing confluence internal code to more easily work with cache objects.

    One consequence of this is that Confluence code should not have Classes implementing Cache directly, but rather should implement this interface.

    Whenever our management and service layers return these objects, they should return either Cache, ManagedCache, or ConfigurableCache, and never this interface directly.

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        addListener, containsKey, get, get, getBulk, getKeys, getName, put, putIfAbsent, remove, remove, removeAll, removeListener, replace
      • Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.cache.ManagedCache

        clear, currentExpireAfterAccessMillis, currentExpireAfterWriteMillis, currentMaxEntries, getCacheCollector, getName, getStatistics, isFlushable, isLocal, isReplicateAsynchronously, isReplicateViaCopy, isStatisticsEnabled, setStatistics, updateExpireAfterAccess, updateExpireAfterWrite, updateMaxEntries