Interface ContentBodyConversionManager

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        com.atlassian.fugue.Pair<String,​Reference<WebResourceDependencies>> convert​(ContentRepresentation from,
                                                                                          String value,
                                                                                          ContentRepresentation to,
                                                                                          ContentEntityObject ceo,
                                                                                          Expansion... expansions)
        Computes the converted value of the ContentBody and the required web resources that may be needed to render the converted value.
        from - The format to convert from.
        value - The value of the content body that is being converted.
        to - The format to covert to.
        ceo - The ContentEntityObject to have its contents converted.
        expansions - The required expansions, e.g. "webresource.tags,webresource.context,webresource.keys,webresource.uris".
        The converted value of the content body and the required web resources if requested in the expansion.