Class AdminTask

  • public class AdminTask
    extends Object

    A discrete, actionable task that an administrator should be aware of.
    An AdminTask aims to encapsulate goals around (correctly) affecting high-value changes to Confluence that could or should be made in order to get the best out of Confluence.

    At a glance, an AdminTask should provide an administrator with a clear, concise description for something that needs an administrator's attention. The title of the task should be a clear call to action for that task's goal.

    An AdminTask must include goals which are automatically verifiable. This is accomplished by injecting AdminConfigurationCriteria in to an AdminTask's AdminTaskConfig.
    Without success criteria, there is no way a user can satisfy or dismiss a task.

    Once an AdminTask's goals have been addressed, the task is completed, and in doing so, the AdminTask records metadata for when the task was completed.

    Tasks may be ignored (dismissed) by the admin. Note that tasks that are ignored are NOT also considered completed. It is up to the consuming service to decide whether to group ignored tasks with completed tasks.

    All AdminTask objects are handled by the AdminTasklistManager.

    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public String getKey()
        The unique handle for this admin task. Used for retrieval and i18n purposes.
        The key set by this task's AdminTaskConfig.
      • getTitleKey

        public String getTitleKey()
      • getActionTextKey

        public String getActionTextKey()
      • getDescriptionKey

        public String getDescriptionKey()
      • getConfigurationCurrentValueKey

        public String getConfigurationCurrentValueKey()
      • getFirstConfigurationUri

        public String getFirstConfigurationUri()
        A location in Confluence at which the task's goals may be satisfied.
        A string representation of a relative URL.
      • getAllConfigurationUris

        public List<String> getAllConfigurationUris()
        A collection of locations in Confluence at which the task's goals may be satisfied.
        A list of string representations of a relative URL.
      • isIgnorable

        public boolean isIgnorable()
        Whether this task can be ignored or not.
        true if the task has the capacity to be ignored and dismissed.
      • isIgnored

        public boolean isIgnored()
        Whether this task has been ignored.
        true if the admin task has been ignored.
      • setIgnored

        public void setIgnored​(boolean value)
        Set whether this task should be ignored.
        value - set to true if this task should be ignored, or false to reinstate the task.
      • getHasValue

        public boolean getHasValue()
        Whether the criteria has a value to display, such as "Current Status: Incomplete" or "Current Value: http://...".
        true if there is a value.
      • getIsCompleted

        public boolean getIsCompleted()
        Whether this task has been completed.
        true if the task is considered complete.
      • getCompletedAt

        public Date getCompletedAt()
        The time at which the task was completed.
      • getCompletedByFullName

        public String getCompletedByFullName()
        The full name of the user who completed the task.
      • getCompletedByUsername

        public String getCompletedByUsername()
        The username of the user who completed the task.
      • getHasSuccessCriteria

        public boolean getHasSuccessCriteria()
        Check to see if this task has automatic success criteria or not, as defined by an AdminConfigurationCriteria.
        true if this task has automatic success critiera.
      • getConfiguredValue

        public String getConfiguredValue()
        The value of the configuration option this admin task pertains to. If the task is complete, this will return the value at the time it was completed. This will always return the currently configured value in Confluence if both getHasSuccessCriteria() and AdminConfigurationCriteria.hasLiveValue() return true.
      • getIsCriteriaMet

        public boolean getIsCriteriaMet()
        Whether this task's success criteria have been met or not.
        true if the criteria are met for success.