Class LookAndFeelAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • LookAndFeelAction

        public LookAndFeelAction()
    • Method Detail

      • getColourKeys

        public List getColourKeys()
      • getColourScheme

        protected ColourScheme getColourScheme()
        fetch chained colour schemes for displaying

        if a certain colour setting has not been allocated a colour, the chained colour scheme will automatically pull the global or factory default for display we will indicate to the user whether this has happened by checking using isDefault(String)

      • getCustomColourScheme

        public ColourScheme getCustomColourScheme()
        Fetch the custom colour scheme. Any value that is not specified will be inherited from the global defaults and system defaults.
      • getGlobalColourScheme

        public ColourScheme getGlobalColourScheme()
      • getThemeColourScheme

        public ColourScheme getThemeColourScheme()
      • getEditableColourScheme

        protected BaseColourScheme getEditableColourScheme()
        since editable colour schemes do not have fallback schemes, we can use these to determine if a certain colour setting is using the default refer to isDefault(String)
      • isDefault

        public boolean isDefault​(String key)
      • getColourSchemeType

        public String getColourSchemeType()